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Hard to leave lovely peoples

I have passed 12th class and I joined a college near by me.I represented myself as a loving nature girl and within few days. I attached to many peoples.But now I leaved the college becuase of college management’s wrong behaviour which really hurt my self respect So I had to leave the college But this gave me pain  as I also leaved the lovely teachers, classmates, friends and my dear seniors.Today was my last day in college.Nobody wants to accept my decision as they really want me in the college.All the things which I observed today was very lovable. I never seen that type of respect,love and care in anyone’s eyes before today. But it was  a very painful day for me and for them too.I had to punish them and myself due to management’s fault.I will miss them. I’ll have to make a new start from tomorrow.This is hard to forget about the above matter but I know that god is with me.

Facebook and whatsApp stole my happiness.

I am a 17 year old girl. I was using facebook when I was just 13 years old. Before some months I met a lady , gradually we became very close friends.Even I love her as a my mother, lover,friend and sister. It doesn’t matter that she is 14 years elder than me. She cares me and love me. But she doesn’t want me on facebook and whatsapp because i misused them. So she scolds me and ordered me to stop use social networking sites . She said ” you are still a student and you have to focus on your career .this is not a right time to waste your time on such things”.  I followed her advice but i failed because my addiction for social networking sites is very big.I promised her many times that I will never used again them but I break her trust many times. I have a great regretion for my faults. Now I don’t want to use facebook and whatsapp. I really want to follow her advice because I love her . But she left me .Now she don’t want to talk with me and never want to see my face again.
I pray everyday for her presence in my life. I promise that I will never use facebook and whatsapp without her permission. Please God , accept my pray.I am sorry dear.

Monsoon is just not a season.

Happiness of monsoon

Monsoon is not only just a season.It is a symbol of our happiness because we need water in every aspect of life.In  the horrible summer season it work as a fire extinguisher  and every face of humankind wait for some rain drops.
But this season is gradually reducing it time-interval which is a topic of grave concern. Nature cares us ,it gives us all the required things but what we do for it? Cutting trees, increase global warming and polute the environment and etc.  All these work is done by us for nature. What a great return gift to it? Heads off to us.
One day it will also leave his duty and return our gifts by more appropriate option which will be not good for anyone.
But we humans are finding water on moon and on other planets but what we are doing for our planet?
We are just busy in our cellphones to text stupid messages and wasting our time by several ways.
Ooohhh i am also doing that…
Ashamed on myself.

Alive our humanity ?

We all know that we are humans. We are going to be too modernised. We have brains and hearts too. We are using them. We are discovering and inventing new things which are beneficial for us.
Overall we are proud to be humans.
But my point is that we are becoming insensitive to many things and to each other too.We are going to more selfish day by day. we are losing our values gradually.
But most importantly we are losing  humanity.
And we do it to gain success.
But end of the stage what we get finally?
True happiness? True lovers?
True success?